A promise of life

Wahid Bhat


“There’s no substitute for a great love who says, ‘No matter what’s wrong with you, you’re welcome at this table.’”

— Tom Hanks

Here’s the thing about love; it’s hard to put it in words.

You have made me believe in happily ever after, I don’t know how to make it any more magical then it is already. The day when you tried to tell me about your love was actually funny but how can I forget it when you looked at my face and said, “You have beautiful eyelashes”. That one sentence brought butterflies in my stomach; a feeling that I never experienced before and my lord when I looked at your face and those starry eyes was all I needed to reaffirm the fall I’ve taken for you in the world of love. I still remember the walk in hotel’s lobby that useless “what’s your favorite…” Is going to be one of the most cherished and indelible moments in my life. Walking towards the exit I had this adrenaline rush I looked over my shoulder and you looked beautiful then ever all of a sudden a question came gushing into my mind and all I could think of was when I’m going to see you again and with this question lingering in my thoughts I left building.

Everyone asked to stay away but how could I? To reminisce every night about you became my religion. In the fullness of time when I got a hold of you we started from nowhere to what they called a “boon companion”. Second changes into minutes and minute changes into hours and it felt like the whole night was ours; giving voice to the blue text bubbles was the most intriguing moment at the stopped hours of the clock. Hiding behind the veil and saying that we are just great friends to constantly being asked about “are you two together?” and behind that veil was hours and hours long senseless guffawing on how we are entwined with the love we had for each other. Being able to catch a sight of you would give me new a whole new reason to love you and I swear I could write down thousands and thousands of reasons why I love you and still it will not be enough to describe the love I have for you. Walking out in front of so many people and declaring our love was not trouble-free but accepting the verity made me gag that people are going to loathe the love and the affection we have for each other. Not ignoring that fact that a lot tried to throw hindrance in our way but having you by my side; your smiles, your talks, your love and seeing you made me believe that my life is sorted out and I don’t have to worry about a dime or so.


“At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet.”

― Plato

Recollecting all the memories; my birthday is still on top of the jar when you expressed your love in a way one could only form a picture of, all dolled up and clothed in the blue gown for you was like a fantasy dream coming together. As I walked out and started climbing the stairs, it felt like it was the prolonged stairs I have ever clambered up. My stomach was churning all of sudden I saw a face I can never forget; there you were all handsomely wearing disguise waiting to take my hand and spearhead towards the car, you opened your car’s door assisting me to sit in was straight out of notebook. I stepped in the car seated myself when swiftly the aroma of your scent got me goose bumps; how pleasant was the whole ride as you held my hand throughout and as I was secretly peeking to endure all of the time and beauty God has made you with. Arriving at the destination and having no clue of what will be the next thing you took my hand and led me to a ferris wheel; the dim luminescence of neon lights, the sky with stipple cloud, that almost mulberry and magenta color of sky and best of all was you holding my hands. As our carriage stopped at the very top of the wheel and the view was only enhancing the magic in the air, as you slowly cupped my face and looked right into my eyes I cannot even describe the swing my heart was on that feeling one get when you know you’re not falling but your heart sinks because it feels like you are falling. How perfectly timed everything was when you asked me to look at the sky and there were fireworks the sky was sparkling it was beautiful than the stars a glass of pink champagne have, I looked at you and you opened this tiny box and there it was a promise of whole life. Without a hitch you held me hand and made me wear this stunning ring with this winsome little stone and I couldn’t held back tears it was over whelming and heavenly. From then up till now you have made every moment of my life the most magical fairytale.


“I guess it’s the feeling of completeness.

It’s knowing that you have found your significant other.

It’s knowing that at least one person understands you

and appreciates the way you are

and doesn’t try to change you.”

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