WE are living in a world that is governed by rules and regulations for everything, created not by anyone else but by US only. The walls of these rules and regulations are so high that one wonders what to speak, think even sometimes what to feel. Everything seems possessed and in chaos.

Amidst all this pandemonium, The Parallel post was an idea that was born way back in the disturbance of 2010 in the valley of Kashmir with the only one thing to achieve ‘Freedom’-of thoughts, expressions, feelings and the like.

WE believe in many things.

WE believe that the language of words is more heavenly than the language of tongues and lips. Thus, The Parallel Post is a forum to offer a space for people who dare to speak through their words.

WE believe in the freedom of expression and thoughts and every one regardless of any distinction should get a chance to have space in this digital milieu.

The intention is to create an environment to share in words what we perceive in our minds…