Caveat Emptor

It will enter like incense

Through an unperturbed window

When you are half asleep

It’s sweetness lingers on

Like the tender spring-wood

A sign read- ‘Caveat Emptor!’;

Will sweat passion

In it’s early summer

And before it has been long

The scorch will announce it’s trials

Blinded by the heat to trust

The glistening fluorescence from far

Will bring thorns, in measuring distance;

On knees, right before they fall

The lilacs bleed belonging

Like a fallen graft

After a mewling monsoon

That belies it’s hybrid beauty

With failed attempts

A sign read- ‘Caveat Emptor!’;

The sun dried leaves rustle

In despondence

They whisper autumn

Into the flame red boulevards;

Soon the hearts were numb cold

But moist too

Praying for this solstice to be the last

This winter of love

Wrapped withering hopes to dying warmth

Of Endless nights

And cold-blooded closures

A sign read- ‘Caveat Emptor!’