Dear Society, Stop Encouraging People

There’s no shortage of hardships in today’s world. In fact, society has evolved to a point where the smallest things need a shit-ton of effort to attain. Getting a job is something everyone is supposed to do but the market is so saturated that even people with degrees from international universities are struggling with finding work.
You have friends. You may even be one of the lucky few that have a significant other to spend most of their time with. But no matter how hard you try and avoid it, you know the truth- they will leave. It may not be through any fault of their own. Sometimes, things just don’t work out. We all have had people close to us, people, who we told that we’d never leave. People who promised us that they’d never leave.
Life happened. You graduated from college/university. You met new people. And slowly, but surely, you started falling out of each other’s lives. You didn’t have time for each other. Not just friendships, either. People get tired of you even though both of you are in love. Falling out of love is as easy as falling into it. A person can spend ten years with their better half and just wake up one day not feeling the same way. It is human nature to let go of others when it becomes inconvenient for you.
The person out there who understands you best is you. No one will be there as constantly as you will for yourself. Be it any such occasion when you’re in need, you have yourself to count on.
I’m not asking you to love yourself. If the issue at hand is a mental illness, like depression, chances are that you hate yourself more than others out there. But you don’t need to like yourself to depend on it. Don’t be dependent on others. Be there for them if you need to, but prioritize yourself where necessary. You don’t need to explain that to anyone. You come first. Always.

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