Dispossessed Deonar Dreams

I broke a million mirrors

Into a million shards

Watched them go up in smoke

Making a lazy trail

With abandoned realities Of my hunger

A hundred years of

Listing out children

Dead from disease

Has not been enough

For my molten dreams

Mixed with unsettled ashes

A hundred years spent

In measuring distance

From the city of dreams

That pushes me away

Towards a killing spree

Of dim departures

On some days

I hope against hope

When I see people with colorful cameras

Gaudy gadgets and a ruthless census

That buys me few minutes of prime time

On other days

The mellow fruitlessness

Of their passing passions bedazzles me

After a mewling monsoon

Life sprouts in deception

Lush green meadow covers my muck and methane

As grazing cows revel in rain

And a boy yearns to walk over me

Looking to break a million mirrors

Into a million shards

For his deathless dreams

The boy is you

And the boy is me

I am the Deonar Dumping Ground I dream I dream too often Of a deathless me


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