Farooq Abdullah asks New Delhi to initiate dialogue with Pakistan and Kashmir stakeholders

Srinagar: Batting for Indo-Pak dialogue, former
Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister and incumbent Member of Parliament Dr Farooq Abdullah Wednesday said that the resolution of Kashmir imbroglio lies only in peaceful dialogue.

He urged upon New Delhi to resume dialogue with Pakistan to resolve long pending Kashmir issue.

“National Conference has been playing a vital role in getting Kashmir issue resolved once for all. We believe that this knotted issue could be resolved only through peaceful talks between India and Pakistan,” Abdullah told Kashmir News Trust.

Farooq hoped hostilities will give way to better understanding between the two nations, saying peace is imperative for prosperity in the subcontinent and bringing relief to the people of Jammu and Kashmir, who have been the victims of animosity.

He urged New Delhi to address the political issue of Kashmir by talking to all shades of public opinion on priority “as further delay will only worsen the situation”.

He said that everyone needs to be talked to, be it Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh, if end goal is to herald peace in the state.

Farooq Abdullah blamed PDP-BJP coalition government of Jammu and Kashmir of using muscle power to crush the sentiments of the people.

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