Jammu & Kashmir Kashmir Kashmiri Muslim woman marries Haryana Hindu man – couple approach High Court for protection

A Hindu-Muslim couple, the woman from Kashmir and the man from Haryana, have approached  the High court for security.   They fear that the relatives of the woman may pose a threat to their safety

The High court has ordered the police to provide protection to them. The police have sent them to a safe house and warned the woman’s relatives not to break the law.  The girl’s family members are completely shocked and livid over the development.

The police say every year several families come from Kashmir to Fatehabad to sell warm clothes. Some of them stay in Nahar colony and Thakar basti in rented houses. The girl had come with one of the families met fell in love with a Hindu taxi driver, who often visited the family and had formed good relations with them. A few days ago they got married at a Sanatan Dharma Temple in Panchkula.



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