This year’s Oscar ceremony appeared too obvious given the record of previous Oscar nominations. Like Hurtlocker, another Kathryn Bigelow directed movie, Zero Dark Thirty was supposed to be a strong contender for the best movie title. But, this time Ben Affleck directed Argo took home the award for best motion picture.

Affleck himself plays the lead role of a CIA agent in the 1970s hostage drama set In Iran after the Iranian revolution. Soon after the Shah of Iran was overthrown almost the whole of Iran was under the control of revolutionary guards who were mostly deployed near the entrance and exits of the country to maintain the influx and departure of people on Iranian borders and hunt down western spies especially American.

The movie begins with the American embassy attacked by an ‘unruly mob’ to take the control of and hold Americans as hostages to negotiate exchange with the states. Six people escape from the embassy and take shelter in the nearby Canadian Ambassador’s place. Back home, Ben Affleck who has a troubled life and is going through hard time with his family like all other Hollywood nationalist protagonists works out a plan inside Langley premises and volunteers to bring the six escaped home.

He decides to visit Iran with a film crew under the pretext of making a Hollywood movie. After hitting headlines with Hollywood big shots and gathering intel from Turkey, he enters Iran. Argo is the name of the movie Affleck is supposed to make.

Directed with only technical precision Argo reiterates the overrated plot of clandestine CIA missions and their so called unsung heroics. What Argo tries to do is rewrite the historical event with cinematic drama and ridiculous symbolism. It also brings into notice the interest of CIA and States in producing and financing Hollywood flicks after all propaganda is issued in ‘public interest’ in addition to public entertainment. Oscar seems to have joined this phenomenon completely. Apparently, too many movies being shot in Istanbul like Tourist, Skyfall, Taken 2 and Argo seems to be an ‘act’ of espionage now.