Desolation of Smaug

After a year’s wait, Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug finally arrived and hit the screens on 13 December worldwide. Contrary to the first one, the part two is more spectacular and brings back the wide angle shots and huge landscape photography with Peter Jackson’s trademark cinematic excellence as seen earlier in Lord of the Rings. In this one, only there are few lighter moments as compared to the previous installment.

This time Peter Jackson has not tried to withhold the pace of the super- epic fantasy penned down by JRR Tolkien almost half a century ago. Especially, a sequence which includes the dwarves escaping from Elf dungeons in empty barrels through a river chased by the elves and simultaneously hunted by Orcs led by one terrible Orc, Bolg.

Gandalf and company part their ways when Gandalf comes to know about a greater threat lying ahead, a war about to break between them and one forsaken enemy from the ancient times who resides in the minds of elves and men only as a figment of haunted memory.

Although, Tolkien denies any real life influences but, the story of reclaiming the homeland of Lonely Mountain appears to have been influenced by the sanctity of ancient Promised Land in Palestine claimed by Jews. While as Smaug’s tyranny and fear can go easily down as Hitler unleashed in Europe during the two world wars. The finale is underway due next year in December. And, its still too early to vouch for Silmarillion.