The Hobbit

There is a place in the middle earth far over misty mountains, deep dungeons and a lonely mountain. A group of thirteen warrior dwarves are on a mission to reclaim their homeland. The Hobbit is an epic journey of Thoren (Richard Armitage) and is men rather dwarves to the Lonely Mountain which is under the subjugation of a ferocious Dragon named Smaug. They are also accompanied by none other than Gandalf, the grey wizard (Ian McKellen).

But, in order to carry out their journey they also need a burglar and a Hobbit like Bilbo Baggins (Martin Freeman) from the Bag-end can be put to the best use for his smell is unknown to Orcs. Yes, there are orcs, deadly orcs are pursuing dwarves to seek vengeance.

Then, there are goblins, wolves- deadly ones, Trolls, storm giants and so on from which the dwarves have to save themselves or kill as a matter of fact. The elves, Galadriel and Saruman also give a special appearance to add the essence of Lord of the Rings prequel.

However, The Hobbit is unique in its own way. Unlike, Lord of the Rings trilogy its relatively faster in pace and perhaps due to more sequences carried out in the wide open landscapes. And, the dwarves also move ahead fast. There is a beauty to the film that so many places Peter Jackson as a director seems to be well aware of the fact that he is shooting something that will last for a little more time so, he slows down at some shots like the dining table discussion between two dwarves or more like the rendezvous between Mr Bilbo and Gollum. The movie takes tells us how on earth did Bilbo Baggins got hold of that Ring that leads to an epic Lord of the Rings trilogy.

There are not huge battles in the movie except for one which is shown in the flashback, the one between Orcs and Dwarves. The rest are long drawn escape fights. There is only one drawback to the film and that is the comparison with the Lord of the Rings. This will be quite unfair.

The Hobbit’s story is not interwoven in various layers and a number of parallel stories. There is a simple quest of few dwarves who have set themselves on foot to fight against a tyrant who has captured their home. Yes, there is so much importance given to home in the movie that it will bring tears in the eyes of those who are also fighting invasion. Indeed, there are many invasions taking place right now by the arrogant Dragons on the defiant dwarves. The Hobbit seems to be a dedication to all those people. It is a cinematic milestone.