Squeezing leg space in mini buses, ARTO seized 8 vehicles in Kupwara


SRINAGAR, DEC 01 (PTK): Kupwara: In a surprise check of Handwara minibus stand ARTO Kupwara retained documents of many vehicles owing to alterations in the seating arrangments of mini busses.
The ARTO Kupwara Mukhtar Ahmad Sofi took a surprise visit to Mini bus stand Handwara town of district Kupwara and seized the documents of as many as 8 mini buses following the violation of section 56 of MV act.

ARTO Kupwara said that the drivers have altered the seating arrangments of their vehicles to adjust more passengers in the vehicle.
“This is the brazen violation of norms of MV Department. Due to which the passengers have no leg space to sit at ease on seat” said ARTO Mukhtar Ahmad.

Adding that “by altering the prescribed seating arrangment due to which the leg space of commuters was suqueezed, the drivers try to adjust more and more passengers in their vehicles and earn more. But this is not going to help them in future”

The documents of such vehicles who had violated the traffic rules were seized and the drivers were asked to produce their vehicles before the Board Of Inspection (BOI) Kupwara.
“The violators have to pass the inspection in ARTO office Kupwara and the vehicles will be checked to give passengers a smooth space for sitting in the vehicle” Mukhtar Ahmad said.

The ARTO Kupwara said that such checks will be continued in future too. He was accompanied by senior inspector of his office Sheikh Parwaiz Ahmad, and many other officials.



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