The ‘Two’

The ‘two’ –  talking out the concept of soul mates on coffee table)

As we sat across each-other on the coffee table, 
I raised my half full cup of latte whilst you looked at overflowing cappuccino

Stirring joys through conversations about million marvels, 
We looked around in the room filled with smiles on faces we didn’t know.

Daring each-other to experiment with palates for a day
We moved on to exchanging views not vows

Though that usual bewilderment on your face led my concentration astray
We continued to grow over the concept of ‘now.’

We switched to a soulful note to discuss what connects ‘two’ in an overpopulated universe 
And why ‘two’ can together stay content even in fool’s paradise

How just ‘two’ together find an undefeated purpose 
What takes just ‘two’ to inspire stories penned by mavericks and wise.

How ‘two’ transform after tryst with companionship
And ‘two’ together go places on an unforeseen ride

But then its just the mutual trust that makes these ‘two’ sail through hardships 
In moments of peace, the ‘two’ cherish sparkling memories sitting side by side.

Because the ‘two’ belong to each-other 
And world belongs to them 
And the ‘two’ can create magic out of mayhem.

So I elucidated all this to unravel the mystery of what binds souls 
And you completed my sentences in a way like no one else could
Talking over mutual fears of loneliness, ignominy, and black hole 
On the coffee table, we imagined the tranquil woods.