He placed his hands on a Samovar which was left to dry, upside down and started moving towards the main entrance of the house; the door was bolted from the inside. A woman shouted from the other end of the house “Dodh Chetah“(Please have your milk). Hearing the woman, he walked slowly towards the kitchen.

Lifting both of his hands to clean his glasses only to find, he wears them no more he peeped into one of the windows from where the voice came. An old woman sitting in the corner of the room affectionately stares the young boy near his mother, as she tries to make her son have a warm glass of milk. He is about call them out when a hand rests on his left shoulder.

“We have been waiting for you” says the figure, in his early twenties.

“Do you know me” replies the man with a confused look on his face as he politely shrugs of the hand from his shoulder.
“Yes of course and my name is Urfi”.
“I am afraid I don’t know you” responds the man.
“There was no way that you would know about me Sir” responds Urfi.
“What do you do Urfi?”
“Let’s just say, I tried to finish what you had started” he responds.
“Me! I am a man who has been in bondage for years, what could it be that I had started”.
“You do not realize what you have done, do you?” Urfi replies
A brief silence follows.
“I need to go now and visit my family. I have forgotten how it feels to hold your child, it feels like a million years since the last time my  mother caressed my hair and another million since my wife complained about our mundane life while I looked at her without blinking, adoring her each passing moment”.

Urfi takes a long breath and says” They can’t see you now; you have left the materiality of the world”
“When was that” says the man, shocked at what he was hearing.
“Today morning, at what time I’m not sure, didn’t you realize the strangeness of our meeting?”
“If you speak the truth then why is it that my family is not grieving at my death”
“They do not know yet, but they will in some time” Urfi says

“And what about you, are you like me”
“Yes, we will have lots of time to talk about me and you but now we have to go”

“No” replies the man sternly. “I think I will stay; I want to wait for the time when the news reaches them,” he responds with tears filling up in his eyes.

Urfi pauses for a moment or two and then speaks again

“Hope is a very strange thing; look at your family now. They seem not to be completely devastated by your absence and do you know why?”
“They hope that I will return one day” says the man in confidence.
“Exactly” is the response.
Urfi asks, ” At this very moment, your family is probably the happiest it will ever be, once they know about you, they will change and change forever. Would you like to remember them crying and mourning?”
“Absolutely not” the man responds.

He looks at his family one last time and again raises his hands to clean his spectacles only to realize he wears them no more. They take a walk along the road, then to the apple orchids, the rivers and then finally into the clouds.

They enter a garden which is surrounded by roses of all color. He walks bare footed on the lush green grass, which is covered by icy cold dew. He likes everything around him, he hears a stream close by and just when he tries to look for the stream, a man appears from nowhere and walks towards him. This man is dressed in a white Kameez Yazaar, strong built, a square face and a cleanly trimmed moustache.

He begins to talk, “Is your work done down there?”
“I am afraid I might have failed”
“No you didn’t, you have done enough and I know you are very tired. Aren’t you?”
“Yes I am.”
“I will ask my question once again, is your work done?”
“I tried to finish what you started”
The man in the Khan dress takes a step forward and hugs the other while Urfi looks on
He whispers, “We have been waiting for you.”