SRINAGAR-The journey and the struggle of this young entrepreneur Mr Ayaan Tariq Khan, CEO of the KBV productions, Kashmir Business view, KBV signs and promotions and KBV delivery service. In a short span of time, he has shown a tremendous growth.

He has struggled a lot from leaving his passion of getting great success. Ayaan Tariq Khan was a model and a singer at Mumbai but his family wasn’t happy to see him far away from them so he left his passion for his family and came back to Kashmir.

He was in despair and didn’t came out of his house for a long time but then his own sister saw him getting miserable. So, she asked him to accompany her to her office whereby he met many clients and they were very impressed to see his enthusiasm and his entrepreneurial spirit. Thus, they individually wanted to work with him. Then he thought of starting KBV productions and Kashmir business view.

He started KBV productions on June 7th, 2018 which gain tremendous popularity in his field without any government support.

Mr Ayaan Tariq Khan is doing a fabulous job by providing a platform for talented youth who are usually deprived of opportunities.

Till date he has employed 40 to 45 employees which are both males and females and he is much focused on women’s empowerment.In 6 months, he has reached ascents of success.
His first biggest achievement of his career was to organise the event namely “Jannat-e-kashmir” on Sep 25,2018 at “Tagore Hall”, Srinagar. This event brings tremendous popularity and become the turing point of his career.

Now, he will organise an award function namely “TALENTED ICONS OF KASHMIR ” at the mid of december.

The motive behind this event is to spearhead the talent of kashmir state to fetch out the pool of talented artists.

Mr Ayaan Tariq Khan is working like the “one man army” to uplift and cherishes the talent our youth have got.

For the upcoming and near future projects we wish him more success and good luck.

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