Mental Health Rating System Introduced for Social Networks

Following growing international outcry from citizens and politicians alike, eight of the world’s largest democracies will form a committee of bipartisan mental health experts known as the International Society for Mental Health, or ISMH for short. The ISMH will study all social media companies with more than a million followers to analyze their product’s long-term mental health effects. The ISMH will then assign a rating to each social media platform that shows how it affects the human brain over an extended period of time. This committee will begin their studies as soon as next month.

This move comes in response to the latest studies that show an alarming increase in depression and anxiety for teenagers who use social media for more than an hour a day. The new rating system may also be used to show consumers the mental health effects of video games, TV shows, and movies.

This new legislation is expected to significantly impact how social media companies operate, as it will incentivize companies to create a product that is not only entertaining but also good for overall mental health. The implementation and effects of this new law will be closely monitored and reported on as they occur.