World’s First Autonomous Highway System Announced

The government has announced plans for a new autonomous highway system that will span every state in the continental United States. The new system will have ramps that can only be accessed if the car is in autonomous mode, and once accessed, the car will remain in autonomous mode until exiting the highway.

The plan has received pushback from commuters who do not want to lose the ability to drive their own car. In his speech, the President emphasized that no existing highways would be changed, as the autonomous highway system will be built from the ground up.

The advantages of the new system are numerous. Three national insurance providers have already announced a pro-rated discount for drivers who spend more than 10% of their driving time on the new highway system. For example, Geico has announced that drivers who drive 80% of their miles on the new highway will see upwards of a 75% discount in their policy. Early preliminary runs of the autonomous travel system have shown the ability to reduce car accidents by over 99.5%, with experts agreeing that fatal crashes on the highway will be almost entirely unlikely.

Because all cars will be connected to the same GPS system, there will be no stand-still traffic on the new highway system, other than the occasional instance when multiple lanes are blocked due to total vehicle failure. The guidance system is so well-coordinated that it will be able to transport twice as many vehicles per hour as traditional highways. In addition, it will automatically decongest on and off ramps by adjusting entry and exit points for each vehicle to achieve optimum travel times for every car.

Peter Lesky, the highway system’s creator, says “this new highway system will, in essence, create the largest train system in the world. As soon as your car enters the highway, it will feel like you are sitting in a private suite on a train. Every car will maintain an equal distance from each other, and receive notifications of any reported debris or road issues more than 5 miles in advance.”

The new autonomous highway system is a major move forward for reducing commute times and making driving safer. The increased efficiency and safety provided by the system will not only improve the daily lives of millions of Americans, but it will also have a positive impact on the environment and economy. The government’s decision to invest in this technology is a clear indication of its renewed commitment to making the United States a leader in the field of transportation. The first phase of the autonomous highway system is expected to be finished in 36 months.