New Law Requires Pricing Transparency for All Medical Facilities

A new bill that requires all medical facilities to list their out-of-pocket and insured rates for all procedures has been signed into law. The bill, which was signed yesterday, is a major step forward in increasing transparency and affordability in the healthcare industry.

Under the new law, prices must be listed in three places: on any documentation given to patients that reference the procedure, on the medical facility’s website, and on the CDC’s newly introduced pricing database. This database will allow Americans to compare all of their pricing options from a single site.

The bill was signed as a result of the largest collection of signatures in American history, with more than 243 million Americans signing an online petition that stated that any government official who did not vote for the bill would not receive their vote in the next election. Lawmakers were understandably alarmed by the petition, with many releasing videos claiming to have always advocated for this cause, despite many of their voting records proving otherwise.

This bill is a significant victory for the American people, who will now have access to clear and transparent information about the costs of medical procedures. It is also a victory for transparency and affordability in the healthcare industry. With this new law in place, patients will have the information they need to make informed decisions about their healthcare.