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Supreme Court: Negligent Parents of Mass Shooters Legally Culpable

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Consumers are Abandoning Popular Smartphone Manufacturers Over Right to Repair

Multi Level Marketing Companies Must Pay Their Representatives Minimum Wage or Better

Casinos No Longer Allowed to Ban Players for Being Too Good

New Credit Score Bureau Allows Americans to Build Credit Without Debt

You No Longer Need a Cable Subscription to Watch Major League Sporting Events

    What Is The Parallel Post?

    The Parallel Post is a newspaper that operates in a universe parallel to the one you are in. It is very similar to your universe, except for 3 key differences:

    1. The majority of humans consider how their actions will affect the quality of life of those around them.
    2. Citizens around the world have learned how to work in unison, creating the most influential collective bargaining power ever known.
    3. Money’s influence over politics has been significantly reduced